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The following talks & trainings are available in the Presentations folder on Google Drive.

Some of the presentations are complete and have been used before; others are a work in progress. Please email Chasen Le Hara if you plan on developing or improving a presentation.

If you make changes to one of the presentations, please bring it to the top of the list so it’s sorted by most recently updated presentations.

Full List

Getting to Know CanJS 3

Harnessing the Power of Set Logic in Your Model Layer

Dynamic Animations with Declarative Templates

StealJS Training

Lightning-Fast DOM Updates with CanJS

Easy Module Loading with StealJS

Preparing for the Future of JavaScript

Server-Side Rendering Ain’t Easy

Writing Plugins: The On-Ramp to Modern JavaScript

Real-Time with CanJS

Object-Oriented and Functional Programming with CanJS

Federated State with CanJS

MVVM Separation of Concerns with CanJS

Module Loaders: Master the Pipeline

Using can-connect with Angular 2

Building Progressive Web Apps with DoneJS

Does your DI framework belong in JS?

How DDD & TDD Saved My Bacon

Your Framework Won’t Save You

The Modlet Pattern: A Better Way to Organize Your Front-End Code

Getting can-set and real-time to work

TodoMVC Intro to CanJS




DoneJS Place My Order

High Performance Apps with DoneJS

EZPZ ES6 (StealJS Quick Start)

Worker Thread Rendering

Comprehensive Testing

DoneJS Generators

Desktop & Mobile Builds with DoneJS

Overview of can-fixture


Continuous Integration Testing

Module Loading — Past, Present, Future

Server-Side Rendering Isn’t Enough

DoneJS Overview

Building SPAs the “right” way



Change Detection in JavaScript Applications