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DoneJS is an open source JavaScript framework that makes it easy to build high performance, real-time web and mobile applications.

Improved App Usability

DoneJS is used to make beautiful, real-time user interfaces that can be exported to run on every platform.

Take our example app for a spin:

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More ways DoneJS is better for users:

iOS, Android, and Desktop Builds | Supports All Browsers, even IE11+ | Real Time Connected | Pretty URL’s with Pushstate

More Maintainable

DoneJS helps developers get things done quickly with an eye toward maintenance.

MVVM Architecture

DoneJS applications are architecturally Model-View-ViewModel, with a uniquely powerful and isolated ViewModel.

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Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive tools for the entire testing lifecycle that make writing, running, and maintaining tests intuitive and easy.

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npm Packages and Custom HTML Elements

Split your app into reusable custom HTML elements, and easily share and consume them as npm modules.

npm Packages Custom Elements

Continuous Integration and Deployment

Run tests on every commit to detect problems early. Automate deployment to release early and often.

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Hot Module Swapping

Changes to JavaScript, CSS, or template files are automatically reflected in your browser, without a refresh.

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Generate a multi-versioned, browsable documentation website from inline code comments.

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More ways DoneJS helps developers do their jobs

Comprehensive Testing | Hot Module Swapping | Documentation | npm Packages | Continuous Integration and Deployment | ES6 Modules | Modlets | Custom HTML Elements | MVVM Architecture | Generators


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