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DoneJS is about getting your application ... done ... so you can spend time with your friends and family. To demonstrate how easy it is to make something amazing with all the bells and whistles a modern developer needs, we created the following guides.

Quick start: donejs-chat

In the quick start guide, we will build a small chat application - You'll learn about:

  • Hot Module Swapping
  • Server-side rendering
  • Progressive loading
  • Real time connections
  • Building and deploying to a CDN.
  • Builds to Cordova (mobile) and NW.js (desktop).

In-depth: place-my-order

In the place-my-order guide, we will go into detail, creating, a restaurant menu order application. You'll learn everything covered in the "Quick start", plus more:

  • MVVM architecture
  • Testing
  • Nested routing
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • Documentation

Creating a plugin

In the plugin guide, we will create a reusable number input widget using Bootstrap styles. We will cover:

  • Create the project on GitHub
  • Initialize the repository as a new DoneJS plugin
  • Set up continuous integration with Travis CI
  • Start development mode
  • Implement the component functionality and tests
  • Make a pull request to the repository
  • Make a build
  • Publish to npm
  • Use the plugin in other projects

Example App: Bitballs

In this guide, you'll learn how Bitballs - a charity basketball tournament management application - works. Specifically, this guide will walk through the implementation of the following behaviors or functionality:

  • Registration, login, user sessions, and access rights.
  • Handling relationships between model types.
  • Setup node services and server-side rendering on the same process.
  • How to turn off parts of the app that should not be server-side rendered.

Migrating to DoneJS 1

Explains how to upgrade DoneJS 0.9 app to 1.0.

Migrating to DoneJS 2

Explains how to upgrade DoneJS 1.0 app to 2.0.

Migrating to DoneJS 3

Explains how to upgrade DoneJS 2.0 app to 3.0.


The contribution guide includes information about our code of conduct, reporting bugs, submitting new code, and more!

Server rendering

In this guide you'll learn how to use the great features of done-ssr outside of a traditional DoneJS app. This guide walks through building a React app with a streaming list, and then building an HTTP/2 server that renders using done-ssr and can-zone.

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