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The following talks & trainings are available in the Presentations folder on Google Drive.

Some of the presentations are complete and have been used before; others are a work in progress. Please email Chasen Le Hara if you plan on developing or improving a presentation.

If you make changes to one of the presentations, please bring it to the top of the list so it’s sorted by most recently updated presentations.

Full List

High-Performance Apps with DoneJS

StealJS Progressive Loading Guide

Intro to CanJS — Building a Weather Report

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Open Source

Preparing for the Future of JavaScript

Getting to Know CanJS 3

Harnessing the Power of Set Logic in Your Model Layer

Dynamic Animations with Declarative Templates

StealJS Training

Lightning-Fast DOM Updates with CanJS

Easy Module Loading with StealJS

Server-Side Rendering Ain’t Easy

Writing Plugins: The On-Ramp to Modern JavaScript

Real-Time with CanJS

Object-Oriented and Functional Programming with CanJS

Federated State with CanJS

MVVM Separation of Concerns with CanJS

Module Loaders: Master the Pipeline

Using can-connect with Angular 2

Building Progressive Web Apps with DoneJS

Does your DI framework belong in JS?

How DDD & TDD Saved My Bacon

Your Framework Won’t Save You

The Modlet Pattern: A Better Way to Organize Your Front-End Code

Getting can-set and real-time to work

TodoMVC Intro to CanJS




DoneJS Place My Order

EZPZ ES6 (StealJS Quick Start)

Worker Thread Rendering

Comprehensive Testing

DoneJS Generators

Desktop & Mobile Builds with DoneJS

Overview of can-fixture


Continuous Integration Testing

Module Loading — Past, Present, Future

Server-Side Rendering Isn’t Enough

DoneJS Overview

Building SPAs the “right” way



Change Detection in JavaScript Applications

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